Monday September 2nd
08:30   Registration at University of Chemistry and Technology Prague (UCT)
10:00   Official Opening
– Zdeněk Hostomský, Director IOCB Prague
– Karel Melzoch, Rector UCT Prague
– His Excellency Daniel Meron, Ambassador of Israel to the Czech Republic
– Silvana Jirotková, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of Czech Republic
10:20   Martin Fusek (IOCB)
Introduction to overall process
10:40   Zdeněk Hostomský (IOCB)
Inhibiting PARP - from an idea to registration
11:20   Haim Barr (Weizmann Institute of Science)
High-throughput screening and Chemical Probes
12:00   Lunch
13:30   Zvi Livneh (Weizmann Institute of Science)
Harnessing DNA repair in the fight against lung cancer
14:10   Eric Lansdon (Gilead)
Structure-Based Drug Design: Finding Selective Kinase Inhibitors
14:50   Coffee Break
15:15   Alexander Domling (University of Groningen)
Multicomponent reaction chemistry in drug discovery: from scaffold diversity to automated miniaturized synthesis
19:00   Welcome Party
Tuesday September 3th
9:00   Mads Tang Christensen (Novo Nordisk)
From bench to bedside: how a great idea is turned into to a great drug
9:40   Rob Harris (Catalent)
Improving chance of success in early drug development
10:20   Coffee Break
10:45   Pavlína Řezáčová (IOCB)
Protein crystallography in drug design
11:25   František Štěpánek (UCT Prague)
Remotely controlled micro devices for enzyme-prodrug therapy
12:05   Lunch
14:00   Pavel Majer (IOCB)
Prodrugs - Concept and Applications in Discovery and Development of Therapeutics
14:40   Claney Pereira (Vaxxilon)
Semi-synthetic Glycoconjugate Vaccines
15:20   Yossi Yarden (Weizmann Institute of Science)
Resistance to kinase inhibitors and potential roles for antibodies in lung cancer treatment
16:00   IOCB Tour
Wednesday September 4th
9:00   Lenka Maletínská (IOCB)
New therapeutic potential of anorexigenic neuropeptides in experimental Type 3 diabetes: relevance of obesity and neurodegeneration crosstalk
9:40   Michaela Rumlová (UCT Prague)
Past, presence and future of HIV-1
10:20   Coffee Break
11:00   Stephan Bachman (Roche)
Catalysis as Key Technology in the Synthesis & Scale-up of APIs and Their Intermediates
11:40   Ari-Lev Gruzman (Bar Ilan University)
Peptidomimetics for ischemic cardioprotection
12:20   Lunch
14:30   Prague City Tour (walking)
19:00   Boat trip with dinner
Thursday September 5th
9:00   James Engel (University of Michigan)
Developing therapeutics to treat the first molecular disease
9:40   Ladislav Vyklický (Biocev)
Glutamate Receptors in Health and Disease
10:20   Coffee Break
10:50   Timor Baasov (Technion – Israel Institute of Technology)
To Fix Nature's Mistake: Repairing Human Faulty Genes by Small Molecules
11:30   Marc Slack (Evotec)
Phenotypic and genetic screening in the context of drug discovery
12:10   Lunch
13:30   Daniela Angst  (Novartis)
Discovery of the irreversible BTK inhibitor LOU064
14:15   Sergey Zozulya (Enamine)
Outsourcing Drug Discovery
14:55   Nir London (Weizmann Institute of Science)
Covalent Drug Discovery
15:35   Coffee Break
16:00   UCT Tour and Visit of the University Brewery
Friday September 6th
9:00   Igor Komarov (University of Kyiv)
Peptide therapeutics: current status and future prospects
9:40   Pavel Hobza (IOCB)
In Silico Drug Design - Quantum Mechanical Approach
10:20   Coffee Break
10:50   Keith Wreggett (Innospective)
Building a commercial opportunity for drug discovery projects in academia
11:30   Zlatko Janeba (IOCB)
Prodrugs of nucleotide analogues and their use in medicinal chemistry
12:10   Frank von Delft (University of Oxford)
XChem fragment screening and streamlined follow-up
12:50   Closing, best poster award winner