Selected speakers

Preliminary programme

Monday August 31st
18:30   Welcome party at Masaryk dormitory
Tuesday September 1st
9:00   Intro
9:10 L1 Zdeněk Hostomský (IOCB Director, formerly Executive Director at Pfizer, La Jolla):
Drug Discovery in Pharma and Academia: Same Goals, Different Routes
10:10 L2 Stanislav Rádl (Zentiva Sanofi):
Protein Kinase Inhibitors in the Context of Cancer Treatment
11:10   Break
11:20 L3 Radim Nencka (IOCB):
Inhibitors of Phosphatidylinositol 4-kinases - Towards Broad-spectrum Antivirotics and New Tools for Chemical Biology
12:20   Lunch
13:30 L4 Pavlína Maloy Řezáčová (IOCB/IMG):
Protein Crystallography in Drug Design
14:30 L5 Václav Veverka (IOCB):
Biomolecular NMR in Knowledge-based Drug Design
15:30   Break
15:40 L6 Lubomír Rulíšek (IOCB):
A Good Servant, but a Bad Master - Is Computer Modeling a Useful Tool in Drug Discovery?
16:20 L7 Daniel Svozil (UCT):
Exploring Chemical Space for Drug Discovery
17:00 End of the session
Wednesday September 2nd
8:30 L8 Tomáš Ruml (UCT):
HIV – Threat and Hope of Humankind
9:30 L9 Richard Mackman (Gilead Sciences):
Novel Virostatics
10:30   Break
10:50 L10 Kvido Stříšovský (IOCB):
Thinking Out of the Box and Exploring the Unknown, a Role of Academic Research in Drug Discovery
11:30 L11 Marc de la Roche (Univ. of Cambridge):
Canonical and Non-Canonical Targets in Epithelial Cancer
12:20 L12 Stephan Bachmann (LR AG):
Catalysis as Key Technology for the Synthesis of APIs & Their Building Blocks
13:30   Lunch
14:30   Guided Tour
  Beer Dinner
Thursday September 3rd
9:00 L13 Markus Zettl (Boehringer Ingelheim):
Biologics in Oncology
10:00 L14 Peter Šebo (IMB):
Next Generation Vaccines
11:00   Break
11:20 L15 Andrzej Marek Brzozowski (Univ. of York):
Structural Endocrinology
12:20   Lunch
13:30 L16 Lenka Maletínská (IOCB):
Food Intake Regulating Neuropeptides for Treatment of Metabolic Syndrome
14:30 L17 Alena Zíková (Univ. of South Bohemia):
Drug Discovery against Neglected Tropical Diseases
15:30   Break
15:40 L18 Karel Ulbrich (UMCH):
Polymer - Drug Conjugates for Targeted Cancer Therapy
16:40 L19 František Štěpánek (UCT):
Remotely Controlled Release and in-situ Production of Pharmaceutically Active Substances Using Chemical Micro-Robots
17:40   End
Friday September 4th
9:00 L20 Jeroen van Bokhoven (ETH Zurich, PSI Villigen, CH):
EXAFS – a Powerful Tool for Exploring Materials
10:00 L21 Werner Bonrath (DSM):
New Trends of Heterogeneous Catalysis in Isoprenoid Chemistry
11:00 L22 Igor Linhart (UCT):
New Synthetic Drugs - from Cul de Sacs of Pharmaceutical Research to the Illicit Street Drugs 
12:00   Closing remarks, lunch